The trend in the art markets

Galleries and museums in Europe and North America have hosted an unprecedented number of shows of African art in recent years and art fairs dedicated to the field have sprung up worldwide. African artists are generating more interest than ever and records in art prices are being established. Art collectors are increasingly using the digital world to buy art but having a website is not always enough. Aworanka can help you sell to thousands of collectors around the world.

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Aworanka provides services that go beyond a marketplace for galleries.

Gallery profile page

Sell African contemporary artworks, as varied as painting, sculpture, photography, drawing, and prints.


Unlimited uploads

We upload as many artworks as needed to expand your reach and boost your sales in our online marketplace.


Marketing tools

We develop art content, event listings, podcasts, newsletters, and interviews with artists to attract the right audience.


News and reports

We attract the right audience by providing collectors with valuable content such as art news, reports, books, analysis...


Customer support

Our team is ready to support galleries with their marketing strategy, artwork digitalization, packaging, and delivery.

Aworanka builds you a professional gallery profile.

Presentation tool

Real-time gallery profile page with an unlimited upload of artworks, exhibitions, shows, events, and artists.

Search optimization

Artwork categories and filtering options to facilitate navigation and encourage local and international sales.

Drive visibility and sales

Your own website is a great presentation tool but it won’t bring sales unless you attract a large consistent audience.

How does it work?

1. Aworanka uploads your artworks.
2. Your artworks are bought by Aworanka's collectors.
3. Artworks are sent to Aworanka for verification.
4. Aworanka handles the export and delivery process.
5. Receive your payment from Aworanka.

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Our Partners

Aworanka is the first and only gallery aggregator in Africa. Every month Aworanka lists new gallerists that choose us to represent them and their artists online. All our galleries are officially registered and have their own profile page on our website with their history, achievements, information about their founders, biographies of their artists, and lists of past exhibitions, biennials, or cultural events. Below you have a sample of some of the first galleries to join Aworanka. Feel free to explore the full list of galleries here.

by Chief Nike Okundaye

by Chief Newton Jibunoh

by Bolanle Austen-Peters

by Jeff Ajueshi

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