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Geometric art is inspired by geometrical shapes, lines, and angles. This style was explored in depth in the early Greek period of 900 BC when Greeks used concentric circles and shapes on their paintings and vases. Later in time, several abstract art movements originated from geometric shapes. Constructivism and Suprematism started in Russia the 20th Century, concrete art began in Europe in the 30's, and minimalism and post-painterly abstraction were initiated in America in the 60s. Other art movements making use of geometric shapes include Bauhaus, Futurism, Suprematism, Fractal Art, Cubism, or Pointillism.

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  • Village Scene

    Canvas on stretcher
    Shobowale Johnson

    ARTIST: Shobowale Johnson


    YEAR: 2017

    Village Scene is a Painting - Acrylic piece by Shobowale Johnson. It was completed in 2017.